NGO Support for Micro-Entrepreneurs

Searching for Indian Micro-Entrepreneurs
Sunmart is inviting applications for a unique opportunity from NGOs. Sunmart assists NGOs to generate income while at the same time creating job and revenue opportunities for eligible individuals among its target groups.

We work with CSRs of organizations and extend special discounts from our partners to provide some of the products suitable for urban/ rural slums. It is hoped that this will bring a different level of dignity to people while at the same time empowering the NGO with revenues.

We are appointing Micro-Entrepreneurs who will sell these products to the target groups of the NGO and also to extended regions based on initiative and desire to grow. This work is done strictly in partnership with the NGO in a region. Some of these Micro-entrepreneurs can set up their own agency and there is a growth model for those who aspire a career in this field.

We are presently providing products normally priced between Rs 100 to Rs 20,000 at special rates. To reach these products to those in need, Sunmart appoints you as a Micro-Entrepreneur.

Start an enterprise with long lasting sustainable impact

Starting Sunmart’s operations in your region is the start of a partnership that will change the lives of your target community. You will learn, educate and serve people – From providing lights to their children to study and attend school, to running behavioural change programs to teach families to live with dignity.

Mentor Micro-entrepreneurs

As an NGO, you now have the unique opportunity to establish Micro-Entrepreneurs, who will not only change the quality of life in your target community, but also earn a livelihood while at the same time become a revenue stream for your NGO. You will learn aspects of social entreprenuership as it applies to your region, language and circumstances.

What you will do as an NGO

  • Find and appoint prospective Micro-Entrepreneurs
  • Provide a work space for them in your NGO office
  • Work in partnership with NGO-support team at Sunmart
  • Work in collaboration with young student mentors
  • Manage the local Micro-Entrepreneurs

What you will do as a Micro-Entrepreneur

  • Work independently on your community and people living nearby as a pilot.
  • Align the goals of your NGO with your business.
  • Locate and survey potential communities
  • Collaborate closely with our NGO support desk.
  • Manage local budget
  • Recruit and incubate local “Energy Leads”
  • Manage and be responsible for sales, defaults and customer satisfaction
  • Second year, expand into new service areas and new regions

What we are looking for
We are looking for early to mid stage NGOs who are looking for adding revenue streams by social entrepreneurship, under the guidance of the Sunmart team.

Fluent in written and spoken English and Local language. Fluency in Hindi is a plus.
Must have worked with business initiatives in the past, successfully or otherwise.
Ability to run and manage projects and programs autonomously in a start-up environment
Very strong organisational and planning skills
Passion for social business, renewable energy and dedication to transform the lives of the poor

We are looking for individuals with a long term commitment, people who:

Must be able to speak, read and write local language. Knowledge of English/ Hindi is a plus.
Must have sales abilities.
Age group 25-35
Ability to work with minimal supervision in a start-up environment
Openness for a significant amount of field work with a minimum of 3 days a week being field based.
Demonstrated ability to work as part of an interdisciplinary team
Excellent problem solving skills and experience executing difficult management tasks
Willingness to work in the day and evening with disadvantaged communities
Excellent interpersonal skills

Income is highly Incentive based. Salary options can be considered depending on the NGO.
Timings are flexible – with weekends being more active.
This position is only open if you are attached with an NGO.
Women are encouraged to apply.
Insurance, income, etc. will be provided in partnership with NGO following a 3 month trial period

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