The Sunmart Store

Welcome to Sunmart – A one stop shop for all Solar Products!

Sunmart invites interested agencies in different districts to apply by sending particulars of previous work done/ resume, contact details and interest to

The demand for Energy is increasing and more areas which never had electric power is now increasingly looking for renewable solutions. Even in urban areas, the irregularity in power received at factories and homes is creating a higher demand for energy efficient products, gadgets and generating solutions.

The market and government response to such demand has been chaotic, to say the least. The market is flooded with low price products that do not perform and does not last long. This creates an indelible impression in consumers that solar solutions are not reliable. The government policies, especially the subsidy schemes are such that ineffective products, improperly integrated are sold with impunity with the consumers believing that the government has ratified such implementations. When these products do not perform, indeed even perform poorly compared with non-renewable sources, customers are further alienated.

Sunmart, is a brand that provides integrity, trust and quality in products. Our desire is do business in a pro-society, pro-planet and eco-friendly manner – making a difference one step at a time.

  • The Sunmart stores are sales and support centres, where customers can bring their equipment related problems without the assurance that the problem will be solved.
  • All Sunmart products are carefully chosen and come with a warranty of a min 6 months to 1 year and  a service warranty of 3  years.
  • Sunmart products are available online with product ratings, so customers can see and buy with convenience.
  • Problems, if any, can also be reported online, service is at doorstep.
  • Sunmart hand-picked staff are highly trained engineers who handle customers with courtesy and problems with professionalism.

At Sunmart , we attempt to provide innovative, energy efficient, environmentally friendly products to prevent pollution, water, land and air. The emphasis is on eco-friendly solutions be it solar off grid solutions, non-toxic chemical or others.